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GM WINDOORAIL Ihre Vorteile Montage von GM WINDOORAIL Highlights Planung und Bestellung Download
GM WINDOORAIL - soft cushioning instead of hard striking GM Windoorail - inoning instead of hard striking

GM WINDOORAIL® - The clever design reacts to impact loads in particular

In case of impulse forces impacting on the railing, these are cushioned by a simple, but very effective mechanism. I.e. in case of an enormous load towards the risk of a fall (like e.g. in case of an accident, if a person falls against the railing), the glass railing yields in a controlled manner.


Highest certified safety
When it comes to safety, the heart of
GM WINDOORAIL® is the construction
of the fixture. It was comprehensively tested in pendulum impact tests according to EN 12600 and withstands possible impact loads. The tests of the optimised solutions were performed in compliance with the national guidelines. The impulse forces are cushioned, the loads optimally absorbed by the glass railing and transferred into the substructure.




GM WINDOORAIL® - Simple installation



GM WINDOORAIL® – Simple installation in 5 steps

  • Step 1 | Install the base-plates at the window frame – installation at the manufacturing plant on request.
  • Step 2 | Laterally insert the mounting brackets into the profiles pre-installed at the glass.
  • Step 3 | Close the profiles with the plastic caps and bolt them. Position the glass railing module at the pre-installed base-plates.
  • Step 4 | Push the mounting brackets up to the stop into the base-plates.
  • Step 5 | Adjust the glass railing module and push it downwards/inwards until the mounting brackets engage.

GM WINDOORAIL - Detailzeichnung


Download Detail Drawing Installation WINDOORAIL



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